Solutions to help you

I am educated very well and am a Dowsing-Master

House survey from a distance
  • Survey for earth radiation and water veins in the house
  • You get a photo or drawing of your house with the found radiation zones
  • I explain the found radiation zones
  • I advise possible proceeding actions, mostly I can solve situations from a distance, for instance by neutralising radiation
  • Distance doesn’t play any role, I can do this for everywhere on the planet!

    Price: €155,-

    My approach is very broad and very powerful
  • Removal of ghosts, demons etc.
    • Of ground property and house
    • from people and animals

    This can also be done from distance.

    Price: €100,-

    I do more than just earth radiation and water witching
    Energetic house cleaning
  • Removal from the house of old emotions, stored energies from sickness of your self or past occupiers
  • Removal of negative energies from earth radiation, water veins and other causes
  • This takes away the heavy feeling in the house and makes it fresh and light again
  • This can also be done from distance.

    Price: €100,-

    Ask what I can do for you
    What else I can do
  • Removal of curses
  • Energetic measurement of your body with a photo
  • Measure your body with NLS-equipment, based on sent nails (see picture on the left)
  • Survey on the allotment before you buy it or build a house
  • Several things from a distance like neutralising radiation
  • Etc.
  • Ask for more possibilities.