Received feedback and examples of performed surveys

Below you will find some reactions I recently received after I performing a survey.
These reactions were written by actual customers. I know fake reviews are often posted to sell products; I strongly disapprove of such methods

Below the reactions are descriptions of a few surveys I performed, to give you some idea of what I may encounter.

“Hello Marcel, I want to let you know that we are sleeping well, I have now gone two weeks without painkillers, I feel much “lighter” as I have more energy to do things. Apart from the epiphysis, the bioresonance therapist found no other symptoms anymore. People around me say that I’m glowing again.”
Jacqueline, Emmen

“Thank you Marcel, for your quick and accurate report and advice. It was a very special and memorable day. So much happened and changed. Our first night together in the altered bedroom went well, it feels good again. This morning after I got up I started singing spontaneously. Max (the dog) is calmer!” Gerda, Ede

“I can just say that I appreciate your attitude: you really want to help people, you go about your work in an honest, relaxed and friendly way”

“I have faith in you and have found that help came at just the right moment.” Suzanne, Utrecht

“Thanks again for coming. For your knowledge, your explanation and calmness. We found your visit a very pleasant one and have already recommended you to two friends;-)”

Roel, Udenhout

“I can still feel a marked difference. The house feels clean and pleasant, as if a heaviness in the air is now gone. This must be due to your ‘house cleansing’.”

“Hi Marcel, it’s so nice of you to provide aftercare. Last Wednesday I felt reborn. Visiting my physiotherapist I wondered ‘what am I doing here?’.
Your light touch and removal have had so much impact. I also felt much work was done from a distance, thanks.”

“Hi Marcel, I’m still doing very well. I’m sleeping much better and hardly need to visit the bathroom at night anymore.
There are no entities anymore.

Yesterday, coming home, I felt such a wonderful peacefulness in my house.”
M.M, Groesbeek

“Hi Marcel, I want to let you know that we are very happy you came last Friday. Our house now feels much more relaxed. It was also very educational. If you ever decide to teach workshops, I am very interested.”

Geertje, Eindhoven

How I can help you

If you suffer from the radiation of water veins or earth rays and want this to be solved, I can can help you. I neutralise the radiation also from distance. For description of the my help click the button here.

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Description of a few surveys


Mr B.B. from Vlagtwedde, suffering from insomnia

This client had very painful leg cramps at night, making it impossible for him to sleep.

During the house survey I found his desk, at which he spends a lot of time, was located directly above a water vein. There were also several disturbances in the bed.

After I neutralised the water vein and removed the disturbances from the bed, the nightly cramps disappeared and the client slept soundly again.

This client also experienced problems with his DIY shed, he just couldn’t stand being there. He always ended up fleeing the shed before getting any work done.

When measuring the shed I found a disturbance with a really nasty effect. After I removed it, my client could finally enjoy his DIY work again.

Ms K.H. from Sauerland and partner with severe physical and psychological symptoms

This client and her partner were not feeling well at all. No energy, bad health, which affected their relationship as well.

During the house survey I found the house held old information that had a very negative effect. Furthermore, the partners’ side of the bed was polluted by a very strong earth ray.

After removing the information from the house and the earth ray from the bed, I soon received word that the man was feeling much better and the dog liked to lie on the bed now, which he didn’t before (dogs tend to avoid radiation).

After intense complementary quantum coaching, the woman is slowly starting to feel much better.


Reaction received a few days after the house survey

After your visit my man finally sleeps like a baby again. Even the dog wants to sleep on the bed now, which he never did before.

Ms A.M. from Meppen with mental problems

This client was treated by a colleague quantum coach but did not make any progress. My colleague asked me to examine the house as she suspected something was blocking her treatment.

During the house survey I found a strong disturbance on a personal level, caused by a past event. She was also sleeping on a water vein. Someone had supposedly neutralised it but it turned out to still be present and active. Then there was electrosmog pollution caused by electro motors in the bedroom roller blinds.

After I removed the disturbance, removed the negative information from her system, shielded the electrosmog radiation and neutralised the water vein, she’s been feeling much better and the coaching is taking effect.


Ms S.K. from Utrecht with electrosmog symptoms

This client had been experiencing problems caused by electrosmog for years. She couldn’t sit at her computer at all and travelling was problematic as well.

WiFi was recently installed in her building, which worsened her situation considerably.

After checking her house for geopathic disturbances (water veins, earth rays etc.) I reduced the radiation of the computer and the WiFi in her building. I instructed the client how to test her radiation levels with dowsing rods and radiation levels have indeed proved much lower.

There was also a feeling of ‘heaviness’ pervading the house, caused by dramatic past events. It felt very stuffy, heavy and tiring.

After I carried out an energetic house cleansing, the house felt fresh and light again to both my client and her daughter.

I have counselled this client via email for a while. She can now use her computer for a considerable amount of time and experiences far fewer problems travelling.


A few reactions from this client in the course of a year:

I can just say that I appreciate your attitude: you really want to help people, you go about your work in an honest, relaxed and friendly way. These traits are very helpful. I have faith in you, and.

I can still feel a marked difference. The house feels clean and pleasant, as if a heaviness in the air is now gone. This must be due to your “house cleansing.

I’m now feeling better and better, especially with all the changes I’ve made in my life, which were really necessary… I keep moving forward, it’s never finished, but that’s a good thing: always something to learn…

Ms J.D. from Emmen with psychological and physical symptoms

From the moment this client moved into her current house, five years ago, she experienced symptoms; weight gain, insomnia, fatigue, depression, inflammation, fungi, hypertension and asthma. There were also strange things happening in a corner of her daughter’s bedroom. The dog wouldn’t go near it.

During the house survey I found that my client was sleeping right over a crossing of earth rays (Benkers). There was also some radiation from a space beneath the floor.

I moved the Benkers and neutralised the radiation of the underfloor space. I removed an entity from the daughter’s bedroom.


After a month I received the following reaction:

Hello Marcel, I want to let you know that we are sleeping well, I have now gone two weeks without painkillers, I feel much “lighter” as I have more energy to do things. Apart from the epiphysis, the bioresonance therapist found no other symptoms anymore. People around me say that I’m glowing again. I haven’t recovered fully feel you’ve helped me make good progress. Again, many thanks. P.s. we have also bought a radiation free dect telephone.

Mr P.D. from Zwickau with severe insomnia, survey from a distance

This client told me that ever since he moved into his current house, ten years ago, he hadn’t been sleeping well. He also experienced a burnout several years ago, for which he blamed his busy job. But during the past eighteen months his symptoms increased. He would wake up at night with severe palpations and feel very tired when he gets up in the morning. For the past two years his girlfriend experienced the same symptoms and couldn’t sleep in his house.

A few months before someone had tested his house for radiation, but their advice to turn off the power and the WiFi and DECT phone at night did not help.

My client said he felt like he was being electrocuted. I first tested his house for disturbances. His bed was on an earth ray crossing, so I advised him to move the bed. I also found radiation coming from outside. It turned out there was a mobile phone mast less than 300 meters from his house that radiated directly toward it.

flat radiation

The main radiation point of a phone mast is at a distance of 300 meters away, giving a very strong signal 24 hours a day. This zone should be avoided.


I advised shielding the bed, which helped my client to sleep quite normally again. Of course his house was still inside a radiation zone and he eventually decided to move out, which I agreed was the best course of action.


Reaction to advice and shielding

I have tried it, like you advised. It made a big change:

No more nightly palpitations. No more waking up during the night. I’ve experienced a much better quality of sleep. But I still wake up around 5:30 to 6:00 AM.
It’s incredible how well these simple measures work.

I have ended my tenancy and will live with my partner until we find a suitable house. I have rented a room to store my furniture and work undisturbed.

Many thanks for your help & best regards,

Other problems besides earth rays and water veins

Besides the ‘usual’ cases like water veins, earth rays and electrosmog I regularly engage other phenomena that can cause problems.

Some I’ve already mentioned above; here are some other examples of what I have encountered and solved:

  • A woman with the ghost/soul of her unborn twin brother. I discovered this during a house survey and sent the twin away. She finally experienced inner peace (though an emptiness as well) and can finally truly be herself. A wonderful experience to see someone change instantly.
  • During a house survey I encountered an energetic circle beside a water vein crossing that was created 4600 years ago. My client (86) couldn’t spend time in her kitchen without getting dizzy spells. I returned with a colleague to remove this energetic circle from the house.
    Other dowsers had already placed a lead triangle and a corrector, which did nothing to resolve the situation.
  • Several clients lived in houses where ill parents or partners died and had not been able to go where they belong after their passing. This resulted in several problems. I have sent these spirits to where they belong, relieving the clients of these problems.
  • I also remove curses, unfortunately they are not fiction. The removal of curses from clients solves any problems they may experience because of them.
  • I once encountered a black magic site created by a former occupant of a house. This caused a lot of unrest in the family currently living there. I removed it and the house became peaceful again.
  • Bodies. Now and then I find evidence of old bodies buried beneath or near a house. Their presence has a negative effect on the occupants. I remove their energy and information, thereby negating their negative effect. Sometimes the soul of the deceased person is still present as well, in which case I send it where it belongs.

These are just a few examples of things I have encountered, showing you that I deal with more than just earth rays and water veins.