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What earth rays, water veins and electrosmog do to you

Radiation of earth rays, water veins or electrosmog, but also things like entities are perceived by the body (so not consciously) and reacts on it with stress and tension. Sleeping is getting hard, because you can’t relax well. The more sensitive you are the more this will burden you.

The radiation and stress causes disruption of body processes, and this leads for instance to dis-balance of the body’s vitamins and minerals household (study by professor König in 1988 and also professor Bergsmann in 1992). Dit leads to al kinds of symptoms and complaints, you become more sensitive for viruses, bacteria, molds and by longer duration can lead to chronic diseases.

For more information about diseases and symptoms look at: Symptoms earth radiation, water veins & electrosmog

What earth rays are

earth rays

The term earth rays or earth radiation is a container term for different kinds of phenomena, like the well know Hartmann- and Curry lines. but also water veins for instance. Each phenomena that radiates from the earth is under the definition of earth ray.

During my education I did extensively studied earth rays and especially around water veins I build up a big expertise.

For detailed information about earth rays, water veind, electrosmog, complaints, removal of radiation etc. look under Knowledge bank.

Knowledge bank



For exstensive information about earth rays, water veins, electrosmog, removal of radiation etc. look under knowledge bank:

Knowledge bank
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Very well educated

I have been educated by the best dowsing-master of Germany

First 1.5 year to professional dowser, thereafter 2 years to dowsing-master


The only dutch dowsing-master

I also work with geomancy and quanten techniques

I develop myself and this domain further by conducting research

Broad approach

Besides watere veins, earth rays and electrosmog I also find other phenomena that disturb the night rest and well being. Like entities, corpses, bombs, pollution etc. But also personal themes.

I solve

I completely remove the radiation!

Also there where others before have failed.



Example of a performed house survey

All beds where polluted


Now all beds are free of radiation


Description of levels measured

The first image shows the initial situation; the second image shows the house after neutralising.

The three zones with their many lines are removed completely.

The purple lines are Ley lines. These have been moved outside the house.

The Benker lines (thick orange lines) have been moved away from the beds.

The water vein (blue) with its radiation (red) has been fully neutralised, eliminating all radiation.
Once neutralised, the house feels noticeably more relaxed and its inhabitants sleep soundly again. p>


Solutions to help you

House survey from a distance
  • Survey for earth radiation and water veins in the house
  • You get a photo or drawing of your house showing the detected radiation zones
  • I explain the detected radiation zones
  • I offer advice on what action to take, I can usually solve situations from a distance, for instance by neutralising radiation
  • Distance doesn’t play any role; I can neutralise radiation anywhere on the planet!

    Price: €155

    Survey from distance
    “Dear Marcel, thank you for removing the water veins and the entities.
    No doubt I’m doing better. I sleep better and I feel more relaxed.
    It’s good to know that I do not have the radiation while I sleep.
    My son will contact you soon. We like to get him the same service you gave me.
    I am happy that I found someone like you:
    you have studied so much to understand the matter of radiation and can help so many.
    It’s really a pity that people are not aware of it. ”

    Suyapa, Copenhagen, Denmark.

    My approach is broad and powerful
    I do more than just earth radiation and water witching
    Energetic house cleaning
  • Removal from the house of old emotions, stored energies from illness of yourself or past occupants
  • Removal of negative energies from earth radiation, water veins and other causes
  • This takes away the heavy feeling in the house and makes it fresh and light again
  • This can also be done from distance.

    Price: €100


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    Foto Marcel

    Who I am

    My name is Marcel Overeem and from my profession as dowsing master I can help if you have complaints and illnesses from earth rays, water veins and/or electrosmog. I have a technical background (electro technical engineer) and I am very steady. I look at things from different perspectives and work in a structured way.

    I use checklists to guarantee the quality of my work. What I also have taken from this background, is my drive to really want to understand things and wanting to find solutions.

    It’s not a theoretical exercise for me, I have slept on a water vein and a cross of Benker lines, with burn-out etc., so I know what this can do to someone. I understand the complaints people have.



    Very well educated

    In Germany the dowsing knowledge and competences are on a very high level. This has to do with the fact that this knowledge is given further from master to pupil, but also because in Germany it was a normal authorised education till the end of the second world war.

    I had a very sturdy education from the best dowsing master in Germany. First 1,5 year till professional dowser, then I got the opportunity to become dowsing-master in 2 years. Both studies demanded research, a theoretical exam and a practical exam, taken by 3 dowsing-masters.

    Already during my studies, I have developed myself further by combining with other methods and techniques. I have developed methods to completely remove, shift or neutralise radiation sources. I have let my colleagues first check my solutions before I used them at clients, to be absolute sure they work.


    My mission

    My mission is helping to prevent that complaints and illnesses can develop by earth radiation, water veins, electromagnetic pollution and other energetic phenomena.

    In case complaints and illnesses already have developed can I help to improve recovery. I do this by creating a radiation free sleep-, living- and/or workplace. This is important, as staying in the radiation make one therapy resistant. Treatments won’t or hardly won’t cure and the change of recurring of the disease is very big.

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    Location Mareem

    Location Mareem


    If you are interested in my help of a have a question first, please use the contact form here under. With the form I receive your message in my mailbox and I will contact you as soon as possible.

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